Dance Tracks Dance Teams

NEW for fall 2021...

Dance Tracks Dance Team, aka DT²!

More Performance Opportunities!

Dance Tracks recognizes that we have a lot of amazing students who are excellent performers! We want to give interested students the opportunity to experience performance opportunities in addition to our year-end recital. Those opportunities include parades, festivals, conventions, competitions, retirement communities, and more! '

There will be no auditions. We invite dancers of all ages from the following genres:
Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary/Lyrical, and Musical Theater!

Groups will be formed for routines based on style and age.

It's not about being the best

The intention behind DT² is not to go to a ton of competitions and win the biggest trophies, but to cultivate our student’s love of dance and performance beyond our one main performance each year!  

Each team will work to improve their dance technique, learn some new numbers and seek out places to perform those numbers.  

The ideal member of DT² loves to dance and perform, and is willing to put in the work at home to rehearse and memorize their dances.  It’s great fun, and if that sounds like you or your child, we’d love to  have you!

Opportunities for EVERYONE


Juniors are any dancer age
6-12. This age group may not all perform together and could be split into groups closer in age.


Students 13-17 make up the Teen age group! Teens may be paired with adults, or juniors depending on style and numbers.


Adults are anyone 18+! Our program doesn't hold back based on age. If you are interested in performance, we want you!

Joining Forces with Quest!

Miss Lindsay and Miss Judy are combining forces, and merging the Quest program and its dancers with our new Dance Tracks Dance Team program, DT².  This will allow for more performance opportunities and more students to be involved!  

Flexible Rehearsals

Our intention is to hold technical rehearsals on Friday nights, but rehearsals for group choreography can be flexible with studio and schedule availability! 

Firm schedule to follow 

Keeping Costs Low

Dance Tracks is committed to keeping costs low.  We know similar programs at other studios are often cost prohibitive, and we want to make sure it’s accessible for any interested dancer! There will be a small monthly rehearsal fee, with the understanding that participants must be taking at least one regular weekly class at Dance Tracks! 

Other costs include any entry fees for competitions, conventions or events, which will be commmunicated in advance.  There will be optional merch, like t-shirts and team jackets.