**Schedule & Registration**

We’re accepting registration for Spring semester through February 6th!

We’ve brought back our most popular classes, and we’ve added several awesome new class offerings for all ages!  You can find our Registration Form at the bottom of this page!

New Students accepted throughout the Fall Semester! Late starts due to sports conflicts will be pro-rated. (Contact Miss Julie for tuition information.)

Tuition and Registration is for the FULL SEMESTER. Tuition payments may be paid in full, or monthly (x4)

February 1, 2021– Spring Semester Begins (16 weeks) March 29 – April 4 — Easter Break May 29 – 31 — Memorial Day Break June 5 — Spring Semester Ends June 6 — Recital Picture Day June 8 – 12 — Recital Week

Class Descriptions


These are quick explanations of each class. Please go to the CLASS DESCRIPTIONS page if you’d like to read full descriptions of every class!

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about the schedule.


Me & My Shadow is a 12 week parent & me session!  Parent/guardian & student will dance together, exploring creative movement locomotor skills, and age appropriate dance technique!  Class starts September 23!


Dance Basics is an exciting introduction to the world of dance! Classes incorporate creative movement, rhythmic skills, locomotor skills, music appreciation, and age appropriate ballet technique.


This class follows the same format as Me & My Shadow, and also incorporates age appropriate tumbling skills!  It’s great fun for everyone! Class Starts Sept. 23!


A kid favorite!  Students will learn techniquest of tumbling & acrobatics while building strength, flexibility and stamina needed to pursue this amazing (and fun!) art form!


Classical ballet technique encourages the development of grace, poise, strength and discipline!


Tap will get the beat in your feet in this upbeat, rhythmical style of dance! Rhythmic skills and concentrated Tap technique will be stressed


Jazz classes are fast paced and energetic, with focus on classic jazz style and technique. Jazz is great for building a strong dance foundation!


Contemporary/Modern is designed for students who want to learn how dancing can create not only a story, but also a feeling, a character, a symbol, a work of art, and an expression as they move through time and space.


Lyrical uses a free-flowing style of Ballet technique, combined with a hint of Jazz and Modern styles. Lyrical dance allows the student to develop a sense of personal style, self-expression, and personality of movement.


Hip Hop is always cool and fun! Show off your funky self and learn the latest moves in this upbeat and popular class! Warm-ups, across the floor moves, and dance combinations will keep you moving and smiling.


This beautiful art form is the natural progression from years of ballet training and study of ballet technique.


Combo classes are perfect for the student looking to try several different styles of dance all in one semester!


Enjoy a night out with that special someone and have fun learning the basics of ballroom dance!

Classes start October 2!


Do you like to think outside the box? Does the idea of creating fun and unusual dances using unique props, sets or storylines intrigue you? Dance Theater just might be for you!! Classes begin in October!


Quest for Dance is a unique class this season! Quest is a competition and performance group with focus on musical theater and tap. Class begins October 1!


Every year Dance Tracks performs a special dance at our year end recital!  This is for any student age 11+ who wants to participate!

Rehearsals held in January and May, 2021!

Special Class Dates & Details


Starts October 1 — each age group meets every other week. Each age group will meet 8 times each semester, unless otherwise noted by instructor.   Thursdays — 4:30-6:05 pm

Tuition: $200.00 per semester ($50 month x 4 months – Oct.-Jan.) Age 12-18 — meets Oct. 8, 22 / Nov. 5, 19 / Dec 10 / Jan. 7, 21 / Feb. 4 Age 7-11 — meets Oct. 1, 15, 29 / Nov. 12 / Dec. 3, 17 / Jan 14, 28

Dance Theatre

Dance Theater A fun and creative dance group whose goal is to create unique and entertaining dances for the purpose of performing at the annual recital.

Tuition — $180.00 per semester / $45 month x 4 months Age 11-Adult Fridays — 4:30-6:30 pm Meets 6 times per semester: Oct. 9, 23 Nov. 13 Dec.11 Jan. 15, 29

Ballroom Blitz

Enjoy a Friday night out learning different styles of basic Ballroom dance!!

6:30-8:30 pm $30.00 per couple/per class Oct. 2 – FoxTrot Nov. 6 – Swing Dec. 4 – Salsa Feb. 5 – Cha Cha Mar. 5 – Waltz Apr. 12 – Country Two Step

Special Dances!

Dance Tracks will be offering TWO opportunities to perform in a Special Dance for the recital this year! Yes, two dances!  Students may choose to do just one or both! Rehearsals will be on Fridays from 6:30-8:30 pm

Dance #1 — Jan. 8, 15, 22, 29 Dance #2 — May 7, 14, 21, 28 / June 4 Rehearsal Fee: $50 per dance

Acro/Jazz I & II

To keep class sizes smaller and to allow for social distancing, the ever popular Acro/Jazz combo class is splitting into two classes!

Acro/Jazz I – Suitable for the student who is working on confidence in solid basic skills like cartwheels on both sides, handstands, flexibility, and more! Acro/Jazz II – Suitable for students prepared to move on to the next level.  This student has a variety of solid cartwheels on both sides, ability to hold a handstand for several seconds, and is working on bridge from standing and bridge recover. Please contact us with questions on placement!

We’re taking COVID seriously.

Every day we go to great lengths to keep students and staff safe from the spread of COVID-19.  Here’s how!

Studio Sanitizing

We sanitize all items that students and staff touch between classes and at the end of each day.  This includes doors, light switches, barres, acro mats, and more!  learn more

Student Drop Off

We encourage all parents to drop off studens and leave!  Parents can shop, wait in their cars, or bring a chair to sit outside and enjoy the nice weather!  We avoid groups hanging out in the lobby.  learn more

Social Distancing

We removed all partner work from our recent recital, and we encourage social distancing in class at all times!  learn more

Soap & Sanitizer

We have soap & hand sanitizer on hand at all times for students who need them! Students are required to wash hands in the restroom before entering the studio. and when leaving after class.  learn more

Register Here!  (If you will be registering for more than three classes, you will need to fill out two forms.  You will be refunded for the additional registration fee.)