Recital 2017 Important Dates & Times

Recital 2017 Important Dates & Times

While ALL important dates/and times for the upcoming 2017 recital, “In Your Wildest Dreams” can be found in your recital handbook, we know everyone retains their information in different ways.  For all class times including special rehearsals, picture day, tech rehearsal, dress rehearsal and show times, please read on!


Picture Day Schedule

Students should arrive 15 minutes early for their photo slot to change into costume.  Please DO NOT WEAR YOUR COSTUME IN THE CAR.  Students should wear full makeup, costume including tights and shoes, and hair according to the take-home sheet for each class.  We cannot wait for late arrivals for class shots, but late dancers are still eligible for individual shots.


Technical Rehearsal Schedule

Technical rehearsals or “tech rehearsal” is the time we spend with each class running through formations and the routine on stage so all students can get a feel for where they need to be.  The stage is a slightly different size than the studio, so it’s important that we use this time to set formations and get each kid used to performing in a different venue.  Students should NOT wear costumes to tech rehearsal, regular class wear and shoes are required.

All dancers should arrive early and warm up on their own prior to their tech rehearsal.  Students will run their dance several times and need to be warmed up.

Note:  Tech rehearsals are CLOSED REHEARSALS.  No one is permitted to sit in the auditorium during tech rehearsals.  All students should wait in the choir room and wait for their class to be called to stage.


Dress Rehearsal Schedule

Dress Rehearsal is like a practice run for the whole show!  Dancers will perform the exact order of the show in full costume and make-up, with full lighting and sound.  Students should arrive with make-up and hair done by 5:15pm, and change into their costume in the dressing room.  COSTUMES ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE THEATER AT ANY TIME.  We will begin with practicing the grand finale, and then run the full show.  Rehearsal will end approximately 9:30-10:00pm.  Students may leave once they are done dancing for the night, but should otherwise remain seated in the auditorium (wearing their cover-up) while waiting to perform.

Note:  Dress rehearsals are CLOSED REHEARSALS.  Only parents are permitted in the auditorium during Dress Rehearsal, no guests.  NO VIDEOTAPING OR PHOTOGRAPHY IS ALLOWED.  


Here’s a general overview of the remainder of May, and June!