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Dance is for everyone!

...that's why we've built an adult dance program unlike any other.

Most of our classes are sorted by ability instead of age, so whether you're returning to dance after a long break, or just starting out we've got several classes for you to choose from!

Adults can choose from the following classes:

- ballet
- contemporary/modern
- hip hop
- jazz
- lyrical
- pointe/pre-pointe
- tap
- adult performance team

Also offering:
- private lessons
- ballroom for couples
- wedding dances

Perform, or don't!

Dance Tracks offers performance opportunities for every single student, regardless of level or age! We love it when our students choose to perform in our year end recital, but it's not a requirement.

We want every student to feel comfortable in class, so performance isn't mandatory. We have a great time in the studio, so there's an opportunity to fit everyone's comfort level!

Dance is personal for everyone!

Everyone has different reasons for choosing to dance. Whether you're looking to dance for fitness, social, or to get out of the house and do something for YOU, we welcome you with open arms!

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

4:25-5:25 pm - 6-8 yrs
$70/mo, $270/sem

Dance Basics
4:20-5:10 pm -
3-4 yrs.
$65/mo, $240/sem

Dance Combo
4:20-5:20 pm - 5-7 yrs
$70/mo, $270/sem

Irish Dance
4:25-5:25 pm - 8-12 yrs
$70/mo, $270/sem

Dance Theatre
4:15-5:30 pm
11+ yrs (TBD)

Dance Basics
9:30-10:20 am - 3-5 yrs
$65/mo, $240/sem

Jazz II
5:30-6:30 pm - 9-12 yrs
$70/mo, $270/sem

Tap II
5:20-6:20 pm - 12-adult
$70/mo, $280/sem

Acro Dance I/II
5:45-7:00 pm - 6-13 yrs
$75/mo, $295/sem

Special Needs Dance
4:25-5:25 pm
$70/mo, $270/sem

DT2 Dance Team

5:00-8:30 pm
Schedule varies 

Ballet I
10:30-11:30 am - 6-8 yrs
$70/mo, $270/sem

5:30-6:30 pm - 12-adult
$70/mo, $270/sem

Tap IV
6:30-7:30 pm - 11-adult
$70/mo, $270/sem


Tap I
6:00-7:00 pm - 11-Adult
$70/mo, $270/sem

Jazz I
5:30-6:30 pm - 9-12 yrs
$70/mo, $270/sem

Hip Hop/Jazz I/II 
11:40-12:40 pm - 12-Adult
$70/mo, $270/sem

Jazz III
6:40-7:55 pm - teen/adult
$75/mo, $295/sem

Classical Ballet
6:30-7:45 pm - 11-adult
$75/mo, $295/sem

Ballroom Blitz
7:15-8:30 pm - Adults
6 Week Session
(Dates TBD)

Tap I
5:35-6:35 pm - 7-10 yrs
$70/mo, $270/sem

Open Ballet/Stretch
12:45-2:00 pm - Adult
$75/mo, $295/sem

Tap I
6:45-7:45 pm - teen/adult
$70/mo, $270/sem

8:00-8:45 pm - teen/adult
$65/mo, $240/sem

Tap V
6:40-7:40 pm - 12-adult
$70/mo, $270/sem

Contemporary Modern 
8:00-9:00 pm - teen/adult
$70/mo, $270/sem


6:35-7:35 pm - 9-12 yrs
$70/mo, $270/sem

7:45-9:00 pm - teen/adult
$75/mo, $295/sem

Free Trial Classes

Dance Tracks offers a range of trial class options for new/prospective students! We offer one free trial, $10 for two classes, or a $25 one week unlimited trial pass so you can decide what you want to take!

Register Here!

If you've decided what class(es) you want to take, you can click the link below to register today!

Registration Options

We know it can be tricky with families, school and work to commit to a recurring class every week, so we offer an option to pay with a class card. Class cards are great when you're just starting out and want to try several classes, or when you know your schedule might not allow you to take class every week.

Click the photo for more info on class cards!

Questions? Inquire below!