Class Descriptions

Mommy & Me & 3

Mommy & Me is a class designed for mom and toddler to dance together! Mommys (or daddys, grandmas, grandpas, guardians!) participate and act as their child’s guide to learning creative movement, locomotor skills, rhythmic basics, music appreciation, and age appropriate dance technique. Mommy & Me is a wonderful way to spend quality time with your child! Age 2-3 (with adult)

Monday 10:15-11:00am

Dance Basics

Dance Basics is an exciting introduction to the world of dance! Classes incorporate creative movement, rhythmic skills, locomotor skills, music appreciation, and age appropriate ballet technique. Dance Basics will explore different themes throughout the semester, from Shapes to Colors to Animals to Prince/Princesses to Holiday Themes, just to name a few! Age 3-5 

Saturday 9:30-10:20


Ballet is the foundation for dance! Classical ballet technique encourages the development of grace, poise, core strength, and discipline. Technical skills learned in ballet, and ballet terminology, are the basis for all other dance forms. Ballet classes consist of barre warm-up, center allegro and adagio work, turns, and across the floor combinations including walatz, jumps, and leaps. Age 5-Adult

Ballet I – Teen/Adult – Tuesday 5:30-6:30
Adv. Ballet- Teen/Adult – Tuesday 6:40-7:55
Ballet I – 7-10yrs – Wednesday 4:20-5:20
Ballet I/II – 12-Adult – Thursday 5:30-6:30
Ballet I – 5-7yrs – Saturday 10:30-11:30
Lyrical Ballet – 7-10yrs – Saturday 12:40-1:55

Pointe & Pre-Pointe

Pointe class is for the serious Ballet student who has the consent from the dance instructor to advance to working on the full point of the foot. This beautiful art form is the natural progression from years of ballet training and study of ballet technique. All new pointe students must start in pre-pointe unless prior approval is granted from the Studio Director. Age 12-Adult

Pointe II – Teen/Adult – Tuesday 8:00-8:50
Pre-Pointe/Pointe 1 – 12-Adult – Thurs 6:30-7:15


Jazz classes are fast paced and energetic, with focus on classic jazz style and technique. Jazz is great for building a strong dance foundation! Warm-ups, progressions across the floor, turns, jumps, leaps and center combinations are just part of the excitement of a jazz class! Jazz technique will carry over into other styles of dance, such as Hip Hop, Tap, Modern, and is essential for girls involved with Pom dance teams. Age 5-Adult

Hip Hop/Jazz II – 9-11yrs – Monday 4:25-5:25
Int. Jazz – 12-Adult – Monday 5:30-6:30
Adv. Jazz – 12-Adult – Monday 5:35-7:50
Hip Hop/Jazz I – 7-9yrs – Weds 6:30-7:30
Jazz Funk – 7-10yrs – Sat 11:35-12:35


Tap will get the beat in your feet in this upbeat, rhythmical style of dance! Rhythmic skills and concentrated Tap technique will be stressed. Warm-ups, barre work, progressions across the floor, and center combinations will have you dancing like a pro in no time! Age 5-Adult

Tap I/II – 8-11yrs – Mon 4:25-5:25
Tap IV – 12-Adult – Mon 5:35-6:35
Tap II – 12-Adult – Tues 5:35-6:35
Tap I – Teen/Adult – Tues 6:45-7:45
Tap III – Teen/Adult – Thurs 5:40-6:40


Lyrical uses a free-flowing style of Ballet technique, combined with a hint of Jazz and Modern styles. Lyrical dance allows the student to develop a sense of personal style, self-expression, and personality of movement. Lyrical will work on incorporating the use of the music’s lyrics into your dance technique. Ballet experience is helpful, but not required. Age 12-Adult

Ballet/Jazz/Lyrical – 11-15yrs – Weds 7:35-8:50
Lyrical – Teen/Adult – Thurs 7:15-8:30
Lyrical Ballet – 7-10yrs – Sat 11:40-12:55


Explore thinking outside the box! Contemporary/Modern is designed for students who want to learn how dancing can create not only a story, but also a feeling, a character, a symbol, a work of art, and an expression as they move through time and space. Contemporary/Modern is a blend of many styles. The class allows the choreographer and dancer freedom to explore their minds and movement through dance. Age 5- Adult

Contemporary – Teen/Adult – Mon 8:00-9:00

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is always cool and fun! Show off your funky self and learn the latest moves in this upbeat and popular class! Warm-ups, across the floor moves, and dance combinations will keep you moving and smiling. Instructors use safe, age appropriate and edited hip hop music and movements for all classes. Hip Hop is a great dance tool for girls involved with Pom dance teams. Age 7-Adult

Hip Hop/Jazz II – 9-11yrs – Mon 5:25-6:25
Hip Hop/Jazz I – 7-9yrs – Weds 6:30-7:30
Hip Hop – Teen/Adult – Weds 6:30-7:30
Hip Hop/Jazz – Adults – Sat 12:45-1:45


Don’t miss out on this exciting new add-on offering for fall 2016! Students will learn the basics of tumbling and acrobatics while building strength, flexibility and stamina needed to pursue this amazing and challenging art form. Forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, round offs, head and handstands, splits, bridges & back bends, walkovers and variations of all! This is an excellent way for dance students to explore the world of gymnastics, acrobatics and tumbling! Age 5-8

Age 5-8 yrs – Wednesday 5:30-6:30

Combo Classes

Combo classes are perfect for the student looking to try several different styles of dance all in one semester! We offer several variations of combo classes for different age groups.

Hip Hop/Jazz II – 9-11yrs – Mon 4:25-5:25
Ballet/Tap/Jazz – 4-6yrs -Weds 5:25-6:25
Hip Hop/Jazz – 7-9yrs – Weds 6:30-7:30
Ballet/Jazz/Lyrical – 11-15yrs Weds 7:45-8:45
Ballet/Tap/Jazz – 6-8yrs – Thurs 4:25-5:25

Dance Theater

Are you interested in thinking outside the box? Creating fun and unusual dances using unique props, sets or storylines? Dance Theater is open to all current Dance Tracks students age 11 and up. Students must be enrolled in a weekly technique class at Dance Tracks. Age 11-Adult

6 Sessions per semester – Fridays, 4:30-6:30


Enjoy a night out with that special someone and have fun learning the basics of six styles of Ballroom Dance!! $30.00 per couple/per session

Beginning level technique for adults will make you a star on the dance floor! Class Attire — comfortable clothing, dance shoes, soft soled shoes that have not been worn outside, or stocking feet allowed– NO STREET SHOES

All Classes on Friday nights — 6:45-8:00 pm:
Sept. 22 — Fox Trot
Oct. 13 — Rumba
Nov. 10 — Swing
Dec. 8 — Waltz
Jan. 5 — Cha Cha
Jan. 26 — Salsa

Adult Class Cards

Class Cards are perfect for the student who wants to add drop-in classes to supplement his or her regular classes, or students who are unable to attend every class each semester.

Class Cards are a 5 class minimum, plus our one time $15 registration fee. Class cards are $85 for 5 classes, and $17 per class individually after your first class card is used up. If you purchase 3 or more class cards, you get one free class!

*Class Cards must be used in the semester in which they are purchased. No refunds or credits for unused classes, and cards will not carry over to the next semester. Students are eligible to use class cards to take classes within their level, and should adhere to the dress code of that class.

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