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What our students have to say…

“I love dancing with Dance Tracks! I’ve been dancing with Miss Mo and Miss Julie for 17 years now and am still learning new things and being challenged in every class!”


“Our family has enjoyed the Dance Tracks family for years, for their creativity, kindness and skill.”


“I’ve been taking dance at Dance Tracks for five years! I love all the dance moves that Miss Julie teaches us and the new friends I’ve made while taking dance. Miss Julie and the other teachers I’ve had make dancing fun!”

-Hannah, Waukesha

“Dance Tracks is a friendly, non-competitive, fun environment for any dancer. My daughter left another dance studio to come to Dance Tracks because of its non-competitive nature and atmosphere.”


“I have had two girls dancing with Miss Julie from kindergarten age through high school graduation. Through Dance Tracks, Miss Julie offers an extensive dance education and creative recitals. Both girls learned dance technique through ballet, pointe, hip hop and tap classes. More importantly, they gained confidence in their abilities and enjoyed performing in the recitals. In fact, in high school when school activities and extracurriculars got busy, they chose to continue dance as a fun and creative outlet.”

-Debbie, Waukesha

Dance Tracks has changed my life! I danced for 15 years as a kid, and decided to come back to ballet at 25. The upcoming season will be my 6th year back, and I’m loving it! My favorite part of the studio is how many adult students take class and perform in the year end recital! It truly is one big family, and all ages, abilities and experience levels are allowed. You don’t have to quit when you turn 18.

-Lindsay, Waukesha

“Miss Julie and the instructors at Dance Tracks are very innovative and talented dancers/teachers. They are a wonderful group to learn from and know. My daughter, son, and I started taking classes this past year and had a blast! The performance, at the end of the year, helped my daughter and son become more confident in themselves and their abilities. It was great to see them grow in that way. And for me, it was awesome wetting my feet again in dance and getting a great work out at the same time. The instructors put on a fabulous show! As of this year, not one of the recital dances and performances since Miss Julie began teaching has been duplicated! How’s that for creative talent! Definitely give Dance Tracks a shot. You won’t be disappointed!”

-Jennifer, Sussex

“I’ve had an excellent experience with Dance Tracks. After taking dance for the first time at age 29 my instructor was friendly, firm, and flexible in adapting to my skill level. As I expanded to other classes/types of dance, I learned that the other teachers were also very talented professionals who took their work seriously, yet love to have fun. I’ve also had the privilege of assisting in stage management during recital time and witnessed how well the teachers worked with/instructed children of younger ages. As a school psychologist I was impressed with how well the teachers’ instruction helped these kids develop gross motor skills while enhancing their cognitive abilities and focus. I would recommend Dance Tracks to any parent or individual who wants to learn dance and be a part of an amazing creative studio.”

-Andrew, Salem

“For as long as I can remember, I have been a fan of dance. Finally, in my 50’s, the stars aligned and I took tap dance lessons from Miss Julie at Dance Tracks. Just entering the studio, I am embraced by the warmth of this special community of people. Julie’s spirit is infused with dance. It’s contagious! Her teaching style is fun but organized as her many years of experience are evident. Passion, dedication, commitment, and patience certainly describe her work ethic. For all who are fortunate enough to be a part of the Dance Tracks family, the journey is inspiring!”

-Laure, St. Francis

I’ve been a part of this studio since I was three years old, and it’s like no other studio around. If you want to learn proper dance technique while having a blast then this is where you should be. Not to mention the rooms overflowing with props and set pieces for students to use. Every summer show has a unique theme and it’s so much fun being a part of it. It’s a family-oriented and judgement free place where kids and adults alike can learn to dance together without feeling self-conscious. There’s nothing more you could ask for!!

-Jerusha, Sussex

“I absolutely love Dance Tracks! Everyone is welcome. There are lots of different dance options for all ages and abilities. The teachers are well trained and they truly care about their students. My daughter enjoys it because it is just fun! No pressure to be perfect. It’s a wonderful way to allow your children to learn the art of dance without any criticism.”


I took the leap into dance at Dance Tracks at 26 and I loved it even more than I could have known! Hard to believe I have been dancing for 6 years now!
Dance Tracks provides dance classes for all ages/levels and has a great adult presence as well, which is awesome. I particularly enjoy the focus on technique, but in a non-pressured environment. The annual dance recital is outstanding and such a great opportunity to enjoy performing what you have learned and improved during the year.


This is by far my favorite Dance Studio! The instructors are amazing and very well educated on ALL styles of dance! I’ve never felt so comfortable taking dance classes until I joined this studio. I wanted to personally Thank you Dance Tracks for all your hard work and for doing what you do…it REALLY has improved my health and overall wellbeing in every way possible.


“This is a great program that grows you in more then one area. Great instructors, nurturing and knowledgeable. Great facility. They have a fantastic year end show that is like no other! Excellent place to dance!!”


“Started dancing here in 2015 as an adult with only four previous classes. These people are amazing. Welcoming, helpful you truly feel like your a part of a big family. If your an adult and you’ve always wanted to dance this is your place. The year end recital is a blast.”

-Krista, Oconomowoc

“Our family has enjoyed the Dance Tracks family for years, for their creativity, kindness and skill.”

-Barbara, Waukesha

“We’re so excited to start! My three year old daughter can’t stop talking about her ‘Ballerin’ class

-Katy, Pewaukee

“This is fun!” “Can I take class here?” “I LOVE this!”

-Comments from Girl Scout Workshop participants

“That was fantastic! I’m going to tell other troops about this. Thank you so much!”

-Girl Scout leader comments from Girl Scout workshop

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