Absolute Beginners Adult Ballet

Saturdays, 1:00 – 2:00 pm
Jan. 25-March 14
Mar. 21-May 30

Dance Tracks dance studio in Waukesha, WI is hosting a new Adult Ballet session for beginners!  This session will start from the very beginning and teach the foundations of ballet.   Students will learn a traditional barre and center flow, from Plies to Grande Allegro!  

Students are encouraged to wear ballet slippers to class and comfortable attire of your choice. 
Leotards and tights are encouraged, but not required.  

Grab a friend and join us for this exciting new session!

10 Benefits of Adult Ballet 

Ballet isn’t just for kids!  The Adult Ballet community grows every day, it is making a bigger impact every day on Instagram, Youtube and Facebook!  Men and women of all ages are turning to ballet for exercise, mental stimulation and confidence.  Here are 10 benefits of adult ballet! 


Ballet isn’t just cardio. In fact, regular practice of ballet can give you just as much strength as training with small weights. This gradual increase of strength will make your movements more fluid, but you’ll also find that you’re more fit to carry things in your everyday life.


Ballet won’t just increase your strength for one-off activities.  Many of our students have seen improvement in their stamina and cardiovascular endurance. After starting adult ballet classes, you may be pleasantly surprised at how effortlessly you can walk up multiple flights of stairs.


When you combine the postural, core, and stabilizing strength ballet provides, you get a nice side effect: improved coordination.  


Sitting at a desk all day can greatly reduce your flexibility – the regular stretching and lengthening in ballet will naturally help you greatly improve your flexibility.  


The entire ballet form is based on incredible posture. Adult ballet students will often tell us that they have improved posture due to increases in core/postural strength and body awareness.


It would make sense that ballet releases powerful endorphins which can lift one’s spirit. A weekly ballet class could be the fresh start to your week on a Sunday, or a welcome refresh on a Wednesday or Thursday!


Learning ballet routines can keep your mind sharp – stretching not only your muscles, but also your memory.


Ballet is an excellent “all in one” exercise, combining extensive stretches with concentrated movement. Excess fat is shred and muscle tone improves


Ballet is for everyone – realizing you can learn a new skill at any point in your life is a huge confidence boost!  Working through a complicated ballet combination and learning a new step is extremely rewarding 


Recent scientific studies show that dance can increase your overall life satisfaction.  Many students believe the deep concentration needed to remember ballet positions and routines clears the mind, like meditation. Students report a better sense of well-being after class. These results seem to last well beyond the time spent in the studio!

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