Recital Info

Venue Rules & COVID Safety

Hamilton Fine Arts Center has a set of finite rules in place so Dance Tracks may perform, and you may watch safely during this unusual time.

Face Coverings Required

Everyone is required to wear a face covering while inside the Hamilton Fine Arts Building.  

No Food or Drink

No food or drink is allowed anywhere in the Hamilton Fine Arts Building 


Tickets will be sold online, and information will come soon on that process! 


Loitering or Congregating in the lobby is prohibited, before during and after the show.  If you’re picking up dancers we ask that you do so outside whenever possible.  

No Late Arrival Allowed! 

Once the show begins, the outside doors will be closed and LOCKED — You will NOT be able to enter the building. No Refunds for missed events.

Responsive Design

The show will be livestreamed, more information to follow.  

Venue Information

Contact Dance Tracks

You’re invited! 

Our 2021 Recital will be held at the beautiful Hamilton Peforming Arts Center at Hamilton High School in Sussex, WI

Contact info

W220 N6151 Town Line Rd, Sussex, WI 53089